Who You Are


In the midst of all the craziness that is becoming my senior year of college, I thought I would take the time to type about the subject of being scared. That is, being afraid of who you really are. The world is spinning, life is proceeding, changes are happening, memories are being made, accomplishments are being met, and even tears are being shed; however, one thing remains. God. He never changes, He is always right beside us, and He is the one who continues to forgive, save, and love us every second of every day. You and me…we are children of God & like someone reminded me of recently: “Once a child of God, always a child of God.” How true is this?! And how often do we forget that it is why we wake up everyday?! Each of us are crafted uniquely; down to the cuticles of our fingernails, the hairs on our head, and the arteries (which I’ve been privileged in learning more about recently) that keep the blood flowing. Each of us are living a life that cannot be replaced and we were put on this planet for a reason. God made us a part of His Kingdom for a reason.

Lately, I’ve been having some trouble remembering all of this beautiful glory. I’ve been told continuously how I’m not good enough, should be doing this or that, and have been failing at life at the moment. And I know it’s not cool. Because I cannot be afraid to be me. I have to remember (same goes for you too) that I am going through this season, even day, of life how God wants me to and only He can define me. That’s it. Plain and simple. The God of the universe just wants me to believe in His word and follow Him with every step I take. He defines me and no one else. He defines you and no one else. He defines your neighbor, coworker, boss, cleaning lady, and professor too. No one else. A child of God is fearfully and wonderfully made, adopted for forgiveness, grace, strength, and love…as well as destined for a place far better than this one.

I think I’m getting a little off track but let me share an example with you. Think of it this way: trees. Autumn is approaching and the trees are starting to turn colors, right? When a tree is green, it is still a tree and we claim this as good (summer/spring). When a tree turns orange/red, it is still a tree and we claim this as good (fall). When a tree loses its leaves and is naked with only branches, it is still in fact a tree and we claim this as good too (especially once snow arrives in winter). This beautiful cycle of growth and life within one tree is just like our identity in Christ. No matter what we go through, whether times of happiness or pain, laughter or cries, we remain ourselves. At the end of the day, we are still a child of God. Whether you are stressed out of your mind (like me) or a five-year-old not having a worry in the world (we all miss those times), you are still a child of God. Whether you are CEO of a company or you are a janitor at a high school, you are still a child of God. Do not be afraid. Do not put so much pressure on yourself to be x, y, and/or z [trust me, this is something I am working on especially lately]. Do not remain anxious or stressed or upset. God’s got you.

You need only to be still, my friend. Trying to be someone you’re not and being scared of the future – Satan loves such anxiety. But you have an almighty God who loves you more than you could possibly imagine. & even if this blog was all over the place, I hope you remember at least that tonight. I know I need to. I’ve been praying for strength, guidance, patience, support, and love…when all I need to do is soak in God’s presence and lean on Him when I am feeling all of the above. I only need Him. I am only His. He is mine. No matter what. Forever and always.


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