Have you ever heard the sound of a heartbeat? As you’re cuddling with someone and lying on their chest, you’re hearing this beat. [beat] As you’re hugging someone close and your ear lands perfectly on their chest, you’re hearing this beat. [beat] As you’re watching an ultrasound of your own baby boy or girl, you’re also hearing this beat. [beat] This consistent, everlasting, and beyond beautiful heartbeat. Lately, I have thought about this and I find it absolutely phenomenal. [beat] … [beat]  … [beat] No matter what you are doing right now, no matter where you are, no matter who you are with, it is still there. [beat] You could be at a coffee shop enjoying a nice cup of coffee with a few friends. [beat] You could be in your room simultaneously watching TV with your roommate. [beat] You could be at work taking a break from reality with your coworker. [beat] You could be at the White House signing a bill of some sort with Obama. [beat] You could be in class taking notes, sleeping, riding a roller-coaster, eating, at church, reading, making out with someone, dancing, or just sitting here writing a blog like me…and we all have this melody in common. [beat] Sometimes it speeds up [beatbeatbeat] or slows down [beat         beat       beat] for different reasons but it never goes away. It keeps us going. Even when we don’t want to or when we think we can’t, it keeps going. [beat] Even when we are in love with someone or when we are full of hatred and anger, it keeps going. Every second, minute, hour, day, week, month, year. [beat] Isn’t that absolutely incredible?! The thought of this makes my own heart happy. [happybeat]


& this heartbeat shouldn’t be taken for granted. One day, it will go away…but that shouldn’t scare us (more on that later.) This heartbeat of ours is fascinating. Sure, we are going to be broken-hearted, head-over-heels, nervous, joyous, upset, or frightened on certain days…but once the thrill goes away, we are back to a consistent, everlasting, and beyond beautiful beat. I know God is the one who fully understands and loves our heart and its beat more than anyone. I know God is letting me continue having a heartbeat for a reason. I know Jesus is walking with me each day to help keep my heartbeat healthy. I know the people in my life (besides my doctor) cannot hear this personal pulse (unless participating in previously mentioned examples above); however, I also know that I can display the rhythm of my heart daily and that is something I should be grateful for. You have a heartbeat that is similar yet different from everyone else’s. The sound of a heartbeat identifies life, passion, patience, and grace. I don’t know if much of this made sense but I do know that if you’re reading this, your heart is beating right now. No matter what you go through each and every day, please remember your heartbeat and its wondrous melody. It means a lot to me. 


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